Programmatic Buying: Reach The Right People


Red Edge is pioneering programmatic ad buying in the advocacy space because resources are scarce and every bit of wasted budget is a lost opportunity.

So when the National Association of Manufacturers knew they had a winning Get-Out-The-Vote video, Red Edge used industry-best programmatic ad buying through Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager to:

  • Reach 1 million manufacturing voters
  • See a jaw-dropping 46% of viewers complete the 2-minute video
  • Drive great engagement, which meant the cost of gaining a completed view was far below industry standards

For more on why we’re exploring this crucial technology, see our Buzzfeed listicle-explainer.

Some benefits we’ve seen for clients:

  • Use of first-party and third-party data allows our clients to deliver display and video ads with relevance like never before
  • The potential ad units scale to reach virtually the entire Internet, meaning good ads will win more auctions in more places at lower cost
  • Test novel advertising strategies based on audience industry, demographics, device type, interests, site, and other targeting options.

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