Billions of humans have phones in their pockets, and many of those phones are practically supercomputers. And while mobile web continues to work for many organizations’ needs, there are some functionality opportunities that are too good to pass up without crafting specialized applications.

iOS/Android Apps

The power to send push notifications to native iOS and Android apps has revolutionized advocacy for groups that can now have their supporters take action with two clicks of a thumb. The ability of native apps to access a phone’s camera makes the future of digital-real-world engagement exciting.

Augmented Reality Apps

Data may live in the cloud, but human beings still roam the physical world. Augmented reality allows for combining location information with data that our clients create or curate. Red Edge was the first to create a location-aware augmented reality app for political advocacy on Google Glass.

Web Apps

Among our team’s favorite projects are interactive elements within what otherwise may be standard websites with standard content. These specially developed features include interactive maps, online calculators, and interactive data visualization tools.

Social Media Data Apps

Among Red Edge firsts have been engaging apps that allow users to choose which friends would be most interested in joining a cause, identify like-minded political activists, and map shared interests among large groups.