The best digital quickly learns what’s working and improves ROI for your mission. Here’s how we deployed our diligence for a leading state policy organization throughout a highly successful public engagement campaign.

Long gone are the Dark Age days of monarchs who impose their will on their subjects… or so we thought. Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf, dubbed “King Wolf,” was unwilling to relinquish his pandemic powers despite increasing COVID vaccination rates and guidance from medical experts.

Ready to challenge King Wolf’s antiquated decrees, our valued allies at the Commonwealth Foundation enlisted Red Edge’s help to free the citizens from the yoke of a despotic ruler’s edicts. Our initial creative crusade highlighted King Wolf’s feudal behavior – shuttering small businesses, rejecting calls for transparency, and pushing for the largest tax hikes in Pennsylvania’s history – with the goal of getting citizens to vote “YES” on a referendum limiting state executive overreach.

Our partnership successfully drove thousands of leads and tens of thousands of post reactions, comments, and shares. The creative also empowered citizens of the Commonwealth to speak out directly to their ruler by including Facebook comments in different creative iterations.

Constituents are more likely to take action when they know others are with them, so we approached this campaign as an iterative process. Constantly building upon the already high-impact creative with different user comments allowed our team to drive engagement and shareability, reach more voters, and maximize outcomes for our client. 

When Election Day concluded, the voices of Pennsylvanian citizens were finally heard. Two constitutional amendments were enacted to limit a governor’s emergency powers in the first such popular referendum in the country.