As a pioneering advertising agency, Red Edge became one of the first firms to leverage Instagram advertising. It was the solution to a practical challenge: how do you grab the attention of high school students? Our entree was reaching high school history and civics students, as we cut through the clutter with a web-based interactive quiz website, and promoted on Instagram.

Red Edge’s team has experience in digital marketing from ages 14 and up—that’s a big universe with a lot of different opinions, assumptions, and levels of starting knowledge. It’s also a huge difference in how those audiences need to be reached. Thankfully, our client’s marketing lead was especially creative and came up with a concept to leverage Taylor Swift’s popularity. The results—measured in clicks, engagement, and completed quizzes—all outpaced standard curricula performance.

The campaign included a number of important challenges:

  • Advertising to minors requires additional ethical and legal considerations, which we addressed through the design process by minimizing user information collection and highlighting the privacy policy
  • Intellectual property was reviewed thoroughly by lawyers to ensure fair use compliance