If we are truly dedicated to ensuring access to the American dream for all, few things are more important than setting up the next generation of leaders and innovators for success. That’s why our partners at Black Minds Matter set out to bring attention to the inequities in the education system and ensure every Black student has access to a high-quality education.

Red Edge was charged with aiding their mission by building BlackMindsMatter.net, a powerful website with highly approachable and optimistic imagery. Never satisfied with the status quo, our team hand-drew and expertly illustrated both moving and non-moving homepage elements to achieve the aspirational feel our clients were hoping for:

Launched during Black History Month, this website includes a first-ever directory of over 260 Black-owned and founded schools across the nation to support families and advocates looking for school choice options. The website analytics within the first six months have been stellar, including time on site exceeding three minutes, and users visiting an average of four pages per visit.

Whether the audience is elected officials, community leaders, or concerned families, BlackMindsMatter.net empowers individuals to make a meaningful difference in the lives and education of Black students. Our team was proud to help show users the art of what’s possible.