The New York Post Editorial Board called it “precisely the kind of tech-savvy movement once associated with Team Obama.” And upon launching, Buzzfeed noted it was “a first-of-its-kind campaign.” The “it” in this case happened in 2014, when we partnered with our client to launch the first public affairs campaign to use Snapchat.

Seeking to add to an already staggering earned-media record and looking to drive engagement with the core audience, Generation Opportunity and Red Edge took the nationally known Creepy Uncle Sam character where no public advocacy had gone before – to Snapchat, the rapidly growing social messaging app.

Launched with an exclusive video release to Buzzfeed, this campaign was a strategic, innovative way for the client to reach their target demographic with creative messaging within a highly relevant platform for young adults. The campaign surpassed client ROI expectations for earned media and user engagement.