Director of Advertising

It’s all well and good to do a normal job in digital—it feels like everyone has to, sometimes. But you want to do something *really* interesting, really creative, at times soaring and other times jarring. But you don’t want a normal job. You want to make 2016 (and beyond!) something to stick on your resume forever because you leveraged a talented team into something amazing.

Red Edge is a digital advocacy firm representing organizations dedicated to making your fellow humans better off. We’ve empowered, cajoled, offended, and affirmed on behalf companies and non-profits dedicated to the proposition that America’s best days are ahead so long as we fight for and defend personal freedom. See more about our ads work at:

We are seeking a director of advertising to expand our creative communications reach within the policy and political right. The job blends business development, strategy, and peer management.

So, what does our person look like? We think it goes like this:

  • You know advertising in the sense that you’re familiar with the uses of the major tools—social advertising, search engine marketing, programmatic video, discovery platforms, and more
  • You know the right of center ecosphere and you absolutely know some of your colleagues and acquaintances need to be doing it a different way
  • You are convinced that with a fun and creative (sometimes offbeat) team of dedicated colleagues, you can move the needle
  • You get along well with others; you know you rise faster when we all rise together because we’ve done a great job
  • You think any company interested in developing business and doing ads would be nuts not to ask about how to utilize metrics as a fundamental part of the role


  • 3+ years in issue advocacy, political campaigns, or related agency experience
  • Knowledge of programmatic buying, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google AdWords, Twitter ads, other platforms, and the ability to keep up with constantly changing advertising dashboards
  • Ideal candidates have a demonstrated track record or interest in business development for helping current and potential clients take their message to paid media

About Red Edge

We’re a Courthouse, Arlington-based digital advocacy firm which primarily assists clients on free-market and personal-liberty issues and we:

  • Work in a fast-paced, exciting environment
  • Don’t care about titles
  • Do care about talent
  • Don’t care about fancy advanced degrees
  • Do care about work ethic
  • Won’t be impressed by the three years of “experience” you had stagnating at one job
  • Will be impressed by a cool project you made on your own

The ideal candidate would:

  • Enjoy kicking ass
  • Work hard and play hard
  • Possess a good sense of humor
  • Know what they don’t know, and be willing to learn
  • Possess great visual sense
  • May lack for experience but not of a desire to learn
  • Enjoy messing with the status quo
  • Want to create one’s own job description based on his/her own success

Dress: Casual, except when we have to meet clients. Full-time hours are 9:30-6:30, but flexible.