At Red Edge, fundraising isn’t just about dollar signs. Our team has decades of experience operating fundraising programs in conjunction with digital advocacy programs. This expertise has yielded results for some of the most competitive senatorial and gubernatorial campaigns, to several of the largest advocacy organizations in the country, as well as some of the most prominent media brands.

We don’t treat short-term revenue as the only goal. We focus on holistic strategies that build a strong housefile program, creating a real digital community, rather than just using digital platforms to respond to a news cycle.

Our team works with our clients to lay the groundwork to construct an active community to support their organization, and recognize that a donor’s worth is not just measured in dollars – they provide truly unique and valuable assets. With this approach, we help generate a steady stream of income for our clients, which allows organizations to identify major donors and build a community who will not only invest their money, but their valuable time. 

By building multidimensional programs that contribute a steady, dependable revenue stream, as well as a community of people who will give their time, stakeholders become invested in the organization and further its success. 


Recruiting and maintaining a good list of supporters and potential new supporters is always a critical priority for our team. To ensure a continuously fresh house file, we leverage a wide variety of tactics via email, mobile, video, and social media. We use our in-house creative to leverage unique types of content to recruit both new leads and new donors.


Having an effective housefile is one of the core components of modern digital fundraising. Email provides a cost effective way to repeatedly reach out to your core supporters—the individuals who bouy your organization. By consistently communicating with your known-supporters via email you’re able to generate a long-term relationship that will result in grassroots actions as well as small dollar fundraising. 


Research shows that text messages have an average open rate of 96%, and almost everyone has a cellphone. Texting has become one of the most critical components of reaching people and rapidly mobilizing them into action. Driving grassroots calls to congress by embedding a phone number in a text message, and mobile optimized donation pages make generating action and revenue easier than ever. In addition to that, by building out a community of supporters via text message, you will be able to have a group of stakeholders you can reach in a moment’s notice to take action when a critical moment arises.