Red Edge releases groundbreaking social media app, the first Facebook app of its kind in politics and advocacy

Red Edge and its client launch the first public affairs use of Snapchat

Typewriter and megaphone

Red Edge and its partners are featured in a New York Times Magazine cover story on efforts to boost digital excellence for our clients

Red Edge launches two first-of-its-kind augmented reality civic engagement demo apps for Google Glass

Animated weightlifter flexing his creative muscles

Red Edge is first DC right of center agency to be granted access to Google’s powerful new programmatic ad platform (now DV360)

Red Edge Instagram ad of Taylor Swift with big red sunglasses that says

Red Edge pioneers Instagram advertising for educational non-profit with Swift Your Rights

Red Edge’s ad effectiveness for branding impact is featured in a Google-branded case study

Polaroid of lawmaker with crown and money signs superimposed

Red Edge’s ad effectiveness for persuading female voters is featured in a Facebook case study

We Build America ad to get out the vote

Red Edge launches the first GOTV campaign on WAZE

Our Team

  • Background Image Bret Jacobson Bret Jacobson

    Bret Jacobson


    Bret helps clients develop unique and incisive strategies, analyze audiences and platforms, and generate creative concepts that lead to victory.

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  • Background Image Ian Spencer Ian Spencer

    Ian Spencer


    Ian is a rarity in the digital advocacy world: a founder and partner who is a programmer.

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Our friendly team members provide strategy expertise, planning, concepting, creative and design, development, and execution.