Red Edge’s in-house design team has developed a reputation for excellence in web and app design, production of video graphics, identity exploration and creation, print materials, and more.

Perhaps most importantly, our team seeks to identify and deliver the right design for every client and project, rather than relying on the latest design fads.

Identity Exploration and Creation

By engaging in a time-tested process of intentional listening, our team creates a brand identity and visual design system that often includes a logo mark, type treatment for multiple use cases, primary and secondary color sets, and more.

Video Production Graphics

Whether a video creates a lasting impact depends on its overall message. But attention-grabbing and viewer intention is frequently accomplished by our top graphics professionals.

Event Graphics

For an event to wow its audience, the quality of the concept has to be reflected in the event’s identity, promotional material, onsite collateral (screens, signage, nametags), conversation introduction and panel transition videos, and so much more.

Print Material

Red Edge helps our clients design visually appealing printable products including research reports, economic impact guides, annual reports, donor reports, high-importance storytelling and newsletter documents, and more.