Bret Jacobson

The New York Times Magazine has written that Bret Jacobson is “wiry and well dressed and has the twitchy manner of a highly caffeinated techy.” Then, it also wrote that his grin can take on a “Luciferian glow.”

Bret co-founded Red Edge to fill a gap in the public affairs and public relations world. Red Edge applies creativity and sound strategies to emerging platforms. This has led to major innovations on Snapchat, Waze, Instagram, Facebook, augmented reality, and more. As one publication described a successful launch, “The project was distinctly Red Edge: Working at the forefront of digital media with acute pop culture awareness and biting, caricatured commentary.”

Bret works with a client list that includes some of the world’s largest interests in formulating strategies designed to cut through an increasingly noisy and disjointed world of information. This ranges from small, tactical projects to multi-year strategic initiatives covering tens of millions of dollars in paid and earned media. 

Bret started in D.C. turning issue and opposition research into accessible messaging for the public and policymakers. His work has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Associated Press, national cable news, VICE News, and the Internet’s most popular online outlets.

Bret enjoys speaking about communications theory and digital communications strategy and tactics and thoroughly relishes engaging college and graduate students. He has been invited to discuss these and other topics at King’s College London, Rutgers, Penn State, George Washington University, and others—though, notably, never back at his Alma Mater. 

Bret was named by Campaigns and Elections as a Disruptor, which probably just seemed like a factual assertion to his beleaguered middle-school teachers. He was also identified by C&E as a Rising Star. Bret is a graduate of the University of Oregon, which finally has a good football team again. He can take no credit for this.