Bret Jacobson


Bret Jacobson is a partner at Red Edge, where he applies emerging digital tools to defend and promote classical ideals of liberty, small government, and less regulation. Bret was named by Campaigns and Elections as a Disruptor, which probably just seemed like a factual assertion to his beleaguered middle-school teachers.

Bret started in D.C. working to defend companies from overzealous activists, including radical environmentalists, community organizers, and labor union officials. His work has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Associated Press, national cable news, and the Internet’s most popular online outlets.

Since co-founding Red Edge, the company has developed the first Facebook Open Graph application for advocacy, the first Google Glass app for politics and advocacy, and the first use of Snapchat for public affairs.

Bret is a graduate of the University of Oregon, which finally has a good football team. He can take no credit for this.