Becoming the nation’s leading economic freedom grassroots organization doesn’t happen by following the status quo, but that’s never been FreedomWorks’ style (or ours). So when Red Edge had the pleasure of working intensely and collaboratively with the FreedomWorks team on a new basecamp for their cause, we were ready to level up right-of-center grassroots advocacy on the web.

The project’s groundwork began by delivering more than three dozen total templates across three separate and formation-differentiated legal entities. In addition to being visually impactful, the site pulls audiences into customized funnels across stakeholder types, including media, donors, and potential activists.

Our team understands that our clients’ content is king. Not only did we port more than 20,000 content pieces from Drupal to WordPress, but our designers ensured that each content type was uniquely distinguished with tailored graphics.

Yet, the feature observers may be particularly excited about is the FreedomWorks Scorecard, which helps concerned citizens hold their elected officials accountable. Featured on the top of the site, the scrolling scorecard gives users a quick look at the current and lifetime scores of elected officials across the country:

On the full scorecard page, users can engage in dozens of actions such as signing up for key vote updates, checking out state-wide scores, and comparing legislators to their peers in the Senate and House:

FreedomWorks helps make the grassroots’ voice be heard loud and clear. We were proud to unleash the state-of-the-art site for the continued education and mobilization of the largest free market activist network.