You shouldn’t just buy an impression—you have to make an impression.

Red Edge starts from the assumption that our clients want to cut through increasing clutter and earn a return on their investment. So, for every project we take on, we analyze what the target audiences are seeing in their daily life and what we can do to make something interesting enough to stop scrolling and give us their attention.

Red Edge is a leader in proving advertising effectiveness by measuring target audience reactions both pre-launch and throughout a campaign’s lifetime. That’s why we advocate for budgets that allow clinical trial-style tests to demonstrate that people remember our ads (recall) and that we are moving the needle on public perception (persuasion).

And it’s working. Our brand work with CATO led to a Google-branded case study on driving brand lift (recall). And our policy ad for the construction industry generated a Facebook-branded case study on persuading moderate women.

Red Edge crafts compelling ads across video, programmatic, social media, search, and content discovery platforms.