It’s not always easy to cost-effectively prove your outreach is making a real difference. But in the fight to make people freer, the team at the Cato Institute was able to just do that. We partnered with Google to run a wildly successful branding and awareness campaign and we are excited to share our findings.

  • Six-second, non-skippable YouTube bumper ads
  • Brand Lift study to measure results
  • Boosted ad recall +357%
  • Boosted brand awareness +125%

The results were frankly fantastic–we boosted ad and brand recall, with a bump in traffic to boot! Click here to view or download the Google CATO Brand Lift Case Study.

The TL;DR:

We created quick, punchy 6-second non-skippable bumper ads to test the effectiveness of different messaging strategies in boosting recall. And just to make ROI even higher, we deployed Google’s retargeting capabilities to make sure previous views of Cato content were targeted with an additional touchpoint to boost brand familiarity.

The study was part of a larger branding campaign by Red Edge, which included fun and cheeky creative: