Careers: Make An Impact


About Red Edge

We’re an Arlington-based digital advocacy firm which primarily assists clients on free-market and personal liberty issues with apps, ads, and ideas. We’ve made some awesome stuff, but you can be a part of making our best products yet.


  • Work in a fast-paced, exciting environment
  • Don’t care about titles
  • Do care about talent
  • Don’t care about your grades in school
  • Do care about passion
  • Won’t be impressed by the five years of “experience” you had stagnating at one job
  • Will be impressed by a cool project you made on your own

Ideal candidates:

  • Enjoy kicking ass
  • Work hard and play hard
  • Possess a good sense of humor
  • Relish the chance to try new things
  • Know what they don’t know, and have a drive to improve
  • Be humble enough to admit mistakes, and smart enough to learn from them
  • May lack for experience but not of a desire to learn
  • Enjoy messing with the status quo
  • Want to create one’s own job description based on his/her own success
  • Work in our Virginia office location

About our office:

  • We’re located right above the Courthouse metro stop and are an easy commute from just about anywhere. Transit or parking benefits are available.
  • Our hours are 9:30-6:30, but flexible. Our focus is on getting stuff done and having fun, not waiting for a clock.
  • Dress is casual, except sometimes when we have to meet clients.
  • In general, we prefer common sense to typed out rules.
  • We subsidize health insurance and transit or parking, sponsor and contribute to a 401(k) for eligible employees, and may offer potential relocation adjustment commensurate with position and fit.
  • As you’d expect from a tech-focused firm, we have snacks, a well-stocked bar, and beer in the refrigerator.

Develop A Freer World


Live By Your Code

We’re looking for someone to join our office and culture who loves building websites with a purpose.

We really don’t care about the skills you have in specific languages, although if you don’t know HTML, CSS, or client-side Javascript then we’d be surprised if you’re a good fit. Smart, dedicated people can pick up new languages and frameworks relatively quickly.

Experience with WordPress, Sass, Twig, Laravel, relational databases with millions-to-billions of rows, and social media APIs are a plus but not a requirement.

  • Are you the kind of person who always has a few projects going on at once?
  • Do you sometimes stay up late at night tinkering with new languages and frameworks, or hacking away at an undocumented API?
  • Are you the kind of person who isn’t afraid of making and admitting a mistake — and then learning from it?
  • Do you enjoy learning from people with different backgrounds and skills than your own
  • Are you interested in utilizing digital tools and data to increase personal and economic freedom for more people?

If the above are true, you’re probably a good fit for Red Edge.


Visual Designer


Red Edge seeks visual designers at several career stages to take responsibility for ensuring on-time, on-budget delivery of the advocacy world’s best creative.

Our ideal candidates will have a demonstrated ability to communicate complex advocacy messages in attractive and persuasive visual media.

The job requires:

  • Accepting and relishing responsibility for our team to deliver quality digital advocacy products and projects
  • Excellent teamwork and client-communications skills
  • Excellent visual judgement
  • The ability to manage and/or recruit team members and vendors
  • Proven ability to create useful, well-considered wireframes
  • A mastery of Illustrator and Photoshop
  • An understanding of the limitations and capabilities of implementing web designs
  • A passion for creating clean user interfaces for websites and applications
  • The ability to quickly create, iterate, and wireframe ideas
  • A desire to work directly with developers to implement their designs

Red Edge currently is seeking an entry-level designer (0-2 years) with demonstrated attention to detail, creativity, and interest in professional development, as well as experienced designers (3+ years) with a focus on website, application, and video design.

If you are interested, please include your resume, portfolio or infographic reflecting your skills and work product, along with your salary range.

(NOTE: Red Edge is happy to provide a $1,000 referral bonus when appropriate)


Communications Associate

Speak Freely

We’re looking for someone who can listen intently and work with our team of highly creative colleagues to execute communications strategy across email, web, and social media. Day-to-day core responsibilities will include deploying grassroots emails, analyzing performance of digital campaigns across platforms, looking for patterns in data, keeping track of key metrics, and assisting with digital advertising campaigns.

If you’re self-motivated, organized, have excellent oral and written skills, and a high level of attention to detail, you’re probably a good fit for Red Edge.

» Enjoy kicking ass
» Work hard and play hard
» Have a good sense of humor
» Know what they don’t know, and be willing to learn
» May lack for experience but not of a desire to learn
» Enjoy messing with the status quo
» Want to create one’s own job description based on his/her own success



Kickstart Your Career!

You’ve got skills but you need a place to show them off. Grab an internship with a Beltway band of pirates!

Red Edge, a digital advocacy firm serving leading organizations defending free enterprise, is looking for a kick­-ass young whippersnapper to come in and help out—in a meaningful way. While there may be some coffee runs, we’re looking for someone who doesn’t need babysitting and who can learn and offer their own ideas.

The perfect RedTern will:

  • Be a go-­getter who isn’t afraid to take ownership over projects and tasks
  • Be willing to bring their own ideas to further our creativity and help brainstorm projects
  • Pitch in on design, blog posts, or social media
  • Assist in company proposals, social media presence, and marketing
  • Leave with an effusive recommendation and demonstrable work to show future employers (hey, maybe that’s us!)

Please email your resume, a sample tweet or Facebook post that would make us want to click through to your resume, and examples of your work.