People respond to motion and sound. Our team of in-house video producers executes both industry-leading live action and animated videos.

Illustrated and Animated Video

Complex concepts and processes are best delivered and understood through animation. Among the many reasons this works, intentionally removing real people’s faces and voices allows the audience to focus on more abstract concepts while leaving behind pre-conceived opinions about others.

This explainer video for the Beer Institute distills the impact of aluminum tariffs on hometown brewers into accessible and attractive bytes.

Live Action Video

Live action videos are powerful for branding and persuasion. Whether it’s leveraging our clients’ public goodwill to advance policy and increasing voter engagement, or crafting a brand anthem to capture the spirit of hardworking community organizations, our team helps craft a narrative arc, shoots beautifully, captures high quality audio, and edits together a final product worth every second.

This brand anthem video was structured to be values-driven to explain why one unique group of scholars created an environment for people to focus on big policy challenges

“Explainer” Videos

Explainer videos frequently incorporate the best of live action and animated scenes to educate audiences of all ages and interests with deep dives into more complex concepts and subjects. Our team has crafted many dozens of explainer videos for high school civics education, leading non-profits, and industry experts.

This streamlined video blends the best of human contact and illustration to engage viewers and advance their understanding of shifting economic forces.