Ronald Reagan personally asked Grover Norquist to start an organization to protect taxpayers’ wallets from the greedy hands of big government. The result: Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) have spent nearly four decades opposing all tax increases and successfully calling on hundreds of elected officials to do the same. So when ATR entrusted Red Edge with a complete redesign and rebuild of, we kicked our creativity into overdrive to deliver a website as bold and impactful as ATR’s advocacy.

Our first order of business was creating a modern homepage that deploys striking colors, large text, and eye-catching movement to demand the attention of users.

It was important to showcase one of ATR’s far-reaching impacts with elected official outreach and education in an interactive way. So, we revamped ATR’s famous Taxpayer Protection Pledge database to highlight all of the elected officials who, thanks to ATR’s hard work, have pledged to oppose any and all tax increases.

Users can toggle the office-held category on or off to refine their search, in addition to filtering results by name, district, and incumbent status.

Among the new features we deployed to enhance user experience were animated icons (yes, more motion!) to bring ATR’s policy areas to life.

Advocating for simpler, flatter, and lower taxes is crucial for bolstering economic freedom and prosperity. We were glad to light the torch of tax reform with ATR to fight for hard-working Americans.

The project made the site safer for the organization and users, ported more than 25,000 articles and posts, and further supercharged the grassroots giant.