Red Edge is a recognized leader in designing and developing high-impact websites and application solutions for the biggest names in advocacy.

Whether it’s for helping the American Heart Association advance public health, delivering a transformational site for the National Law Firm For Liberty (IJ), reinvigorating America’s most energetic grassroots, supercharging America’s leading tax reformers, or rolling out a fun and accessible tech-policy site for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Red Edge works with organizations of all sizes to create the right website for education, outreach, and activation.

Regardless of the varied missions of our wide-ranging clients, Red Edge’s team of in-house designers and developers doggedly focuses on the core business needs of each project.

Our standard process includes:

  • Collaboration through a full discovery process, including a thorough review of existing analytics and an inquiry into which real-world actions should drive design (or redesign) and an examination of what trends and tools are working for similar organizations.
  • Building mission-focused sitemaps and wireframes to ensure the most important information seen by the most important audiences.
  • Brand-aware graphic design, ensuring an attractive aesthetic across the spectrum that accentuates and emphasizes your mission.
  • Secure, reliable website and app development that maximizes stability, ease-of-use, while minimizing maintenance costs, and simplifying upkeep. 

Many organizations select the Internet’s number-one Content Management System, WordPress. Red Edge has developed more than 150 WordPress sites ranging from single-page brochure sites to massive, multi-million visitor action sites. Our team takes the best of the system’s standard setup and then creates plugins, web applications, or other extensions to ensure our clients’ sites are attractive, powerful, and successfully accomplish the organizations’ missions.

Among our team’s favorite projects are interactive elements within what otherwise may be standard websites with standard content. These specially developed features include interactive maps, online calculators, and interactive data visualization tools.While web applications continue to work for many organizations, iOS and Android apps can be developed to extend the capabilities beyond mobile web, putting your content at the fingertips of the billions that use mobile devices daily.