Citizens petitioning their government is a cornerstone element of America’s representative government. Red Edge is proud to be a key strategic partner to major industry and intellectual organizations that seek to mobilize the public on the most pressing issues of the day.

Red Edge has helped numerous organizations, from small and feisty upstarts to global powers, in creating strategies that lead to legislative and regulatory victories. We work with our clients to identify movable audiences and then devise and execute tactics that frequently include web, video, email, advertising and often interface with our client’s earned media teams.

For example, Red Edge was recently retained by a major national association as an ongoing partner to:

  • Provide an exhaustive review of one major association’s assets
  • Analyze and visualize the organization’s entire grassroots asset portfolio
  • Draft and distribute RFPs from potential new grassroots product vendors
  • Provide insights into tradeoffs between potential vendors and platforms
  • Implement an entirely new data and action infrastructure, including programming APIs to ensure data security and accuracy and compliance with GDPR and similar likely U.S. state requirements
  • Design and develop a web-based action center that seamlessly integrates all relevant grassroots products and platforms
  • Provide proactive concepts for a refreshed program brand name and communications overview
  • Create a visual design system to work across web, email, social, PowerPoint, and other potential products
  • Create a reporting dashboard to better understand real-time campaign performance and grassroots supporter profiles