With Associated Builders and Contractors, we developed a first-of-kind grassroots mobile advocacy app, ABC Action dubbed by Associations Now as a “game changer” as it has already become a core component of the organization’s toolkit for making its voice heard on Capitol Hill.

As the trade publication noted when interviewing our client:

the group has seen a dramatic increase in engagement levels. The app allows members (and nonmembers) to quickly find their local representatives’ contact information and see how they voted on relevant issues, get the latest news from ABC through push notifications, learn what issues are important to them, and quickly send letters to Congress.

As is frequently the case, the iteration of this grassroots product was only possible because the client was engaged and curious and had already tested an earlier (and also cool) version of the app:

ABC Action is the second iteration of an app the group developed for their annual legislative fly-in.

“When our members came in, we asked them to download the app, and they could get a schedule of events; a map of Washington, DC, and the House and Senate buildings; and where their legislators stood on our particular issues,” Carroll said. “This [new app] was born out of, ‘How do we continue to get our members to utilize this app year-round as opposed to just when they come for the fly-in?’ And that’s when we realized we needed to tie in the advocacy component.”