How did Red Edge’s video and ads team drive 14x intent to vote over average while increasing by 50% the number of moderate and Democrat-registered voters to say they believe voting for free enterprise is very important?

Our merit-shop friends at Associated Builders and Contractors are made up of the people who create jobs, pay taxes, and understand what it takes to keep the economy moving. ABC members are compelling spokespeople, telling their stories of living the American dream, building their businesses while they build America.

Red Edge flew across the country, collecting stories from ABC members. In Indiana, our team interviewed Verlin Custer, a business owner and 50-year volunteer firefighter who has lived in the same county for more than eight decades.

With ad and data company Resonate, Red Edge delivered Verlin’s message of free enterprise to moderate Democrats, small business owners, and those who may be persuadable on economic-freedom messages. The results were astounding:

The 30-second spot was complimented with a longer version of Verlin’s story: