As the West’s biggest social network, the Facebook team sees a lot of what works and what doesn’t, which is why our team was honored by the platform’s decision to create a case study on the effectiveness of our persuasion through creative video advertising.

Our mission wasn’t easy: identify and educate moderate women voters who were being bombarded by traditional TV and video ads in the midst of a key Senate race. Our client’s preferred candidate was facing a tough challenge from a strong candidate who was likely to pick up significant support among those moderate female voters in the absence of education—and that kind of education only happens when you get someone’s attention.

So, our team sent our most creative ladies into a brainstorm armed only with a research file and their imaginations. The result: instead of a boring negative ad, our team created “Deb Ross’s Burn Book” to walk viewers through the candidate’s long record of being mean to taxpayers.

We measured the results and were able to make a massive educational impact, moving the needle more than 10 percentage points of the audience, which equated to more than 30,000 moderate women voters.