How do you warn people and policymakers of an impending disaster when there’s nothing but confusion all around?

That was the challenge for our longtime partners at the Chamber Technology Engagement Center (C_TEC), who seized the lead on the pressing issue of protecting consumers and small business owners amidst an ever-increasing number of privacy regulations amongst states.

C_TEC charged Red Edge to utilize focus group and polling data and create a campaign theme that would cut through the clutter, describe the problem, and lay out our client’s solution.

This kickoff explainer video utilized character animator technology and thoughtful story architecture to walk viewers through the impending problem and seek the user’s help in joining C_TEC to get Congress to protect consumers and small business owners

Red Edge’s team of creative experts pulled apart the research, organized brainstorms, and delivered “State Of Confusion”—calling on our strategy, design, web, and video capabilities.