Our clients at the YG Network like to do things differently and do things well. We have partnered to provide some of the most engaging social campaigns, supported with strategic ad placements, in the issue advocacy space.

By combining fun, sharable creative and laser-like targeting, we earned an astounding 9% engagement rate across all Twitter ads for the year—that’s 3-9 times better than the platform average.

In one case, the team rushed to share reports that healthcare.gov was not secure, which in turn secured the organization a 14.16% engagement rate with a cost-per-engagement that was one-thirtieth the national average.


When, in 2014, The President traveled to several colleges and universities around the country, touting several messages. The YG team followed him there on Twitter, with small campaigns aimed at dispelling some of the myths, and earned engagement rates of 9% and with a cost per engagement that’s a fraction of the platform average.

PS—part of doing social media well is also finding creative that can go viral without ads. This fun piece with YG reached an audience of a half-million without meaningful ad support.