The digital revolution is spreading economic opportunity across America, but getting a full grasp on tech’s positive impact isn’t easy. That’s why major tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google turn to the Chamber Technology Engagement Center (C_TEC). And C_TEC has trusted its leading intellectual firepower to Red Edge’s creativity and design.

Illustration, Animation, and User Experience Collide

The mission of our valued clients at C_TEC is to tell the story of technology’s role in our economy, and Red Edge was honored to help aid that mission by redesigning

We first worked to address our audience’s pain points. New technologies can be complex, confusing, and sometimes scary – but we knew that they didn’t have to be. To create an inviting website for all users, we deployed friendly illustrations that brought C_TEC’s working groups to life:

We then found ways to add engaging animation across other webpages on the site:

The result was a website that was as appealing and attractive as it was educational and impactful.

Amazon Measures Tech’s Impact On Rural Americans

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest companies but its impact may be most important in rural communities. C_TEC and a top-tier research team took a deep dive on economic impact in Unlocking the Digital Potential of Rural America.

Red Edge was retained to create an entire project design suite, which included a microsite with an interactive map, a print report customized for every state, a national print report, and supporting social media static and motion graphics.

Facebook Looks At Tech’s Boost For Small and Medium Size Businesses

C_TEC partnered with Facebook and Ipsos, a global market and opinion research firm, to look at how social media tools benefit small businesses.

Red Edge was able to review the draft report and identify an aesthetic that conveyed the positive report outcomes. Our products included full report design with web page branding and promotional graphics.

Google Analyzes How Tech Strengthens Trade

Small businesses are the bedrock of communities across the country, but little was known about their export potential. C_TEC and Google set out to examine the role that technology can play in enabling and expanding U.S. small business exports.
The Red Edge team helped design a full report, a print report customized for every state, event collateral, an interactive webpage, and social media ads.