We Make Apps, Ads, And Ideas Innovation To Power Freedom


Innovation means turning dreams into reality. Our in-house dev team has generated first-of-their-kind apps for Facebook, Google Glass, web, and iPhone/Android.


We supercharge our ideas and apps by making sure the right audience sees our clients’ work at the right time. It’s not just social media advertising—learn more about our ability to buy the entire digital world for our clients.


Whether it is being the first public affairs campaign to use Snapchat or creating end-to-end digital communications plans, our clients can expect cutting edge strategy executed through engaging creative.

Our Values


We believe in “Digital Advocacy Done Right.” That means figuring out the right solution for each problem, executing thoroughly and efficiently, and making sure each client is satisfied with their results.


At Red Edge, every day is a hackathon! We view every day and every project as an opportunity to try new tools and ideas in support of classical ideas of liberty.


"In the war of ideas, they’re the team you want in the foxhole with you."
— Chris Singerling, Sr. Director of Political Affairs, Associated Builders & Contractors

The Team


Bret Jacobson

Bret helps clients develop unique and incisive strategies, analyze audiences and platforms, and generate creative concepts that lead to victory.


Ian Spencer
Partner / CTO

Ian is a rarity in the digital advocacy world: a founder and partner who is a programmer.

Our friendly team members provide strategy expertise, planning, concepting, creative and design, development, and execution.


Social Media Community Management
Graphic Design
App Development
Herding Cats

Contact Us

We're pretty low-key, so don't stress about it—give us a call or drop us a line and give us a chance to listen and learn about the challenge you and your organization face. We'll probably have some good ideas. Or, give us a holler if you want to play some old-school Oregon Trail. We don't mind geeking it out every once in a while. Make use of the contact form below, or if you like, drop us a line at (703) 566-2446 or shoot us an email at info@rededge.com.